Superfast Fibre Broadband Case Study: Halsgrove Publishing

HalsgroveHalsgrove Publishing, Ryelands Business Park, Bagley Road, Wellington, Somerset

From its small Westcountry beginnings some twenty years ago, Halsgrove Publishing has become the major player in the regional hardback market. The Somerset-based company, publishes books aimed at local-interest readers throughout the UK, together with a number of other niche and specialist series.

Halsgrove relocated to Wellington (Somerset) from Tiverton six years ago and had to continually battle with poor internet connectivity.

Managing director Julian Davidson explained: “We had to struggle against slow broadband speeds that seriously hampered our ability to run day to day business functions. Sending and receiving large high-resolution files around the world as well as dealing with several thousand customers was extremely challenging. It also made remote connection to Wellington particularly difficult for our external workers”.

Last year broadband speeds were transformed when Wellington and the surrounding area was upgraded to superfast fibre broadband.

Mr Davidson continued: “Having recently moved from, at times, less than 1Mbps to in excess of 24Mbps we have seen savings in time, cost and sheer frustration.

“I used to receive daily, if not hourly, complaints about locked screens and slow speeds and at busy times not being able to access even basic functions like connections to our bank, but now I hear nothing at all!

“This vital upgrade has made a huge difference to our business. Our outgoing communication problems have been resolved and a major barrier to business expansion removed. ”

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