Superfast Broadband Case Study: IDN

IDNFaster Internet puts Somerset Company ahead of the competition

Since it started in 2000, IDN has been providing customers with innovative technology solutions and project management in networking, communications, audio, visual, computing and maintenance services throughout the South West of England. Over the last few months efficiency at IDN has been boosted dramatically alongside extensive growth, thanks to the arrival of superfast broadband provided through Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) programme, which aims to make superfast services available to around 90 percent of homes and businesses by the end of 2016.

Based in Creech St. Michael in Taunton Deane, where they employee 40 people, the company is delighted by the benefits they are now experiencing as a result of their superfast fibre connection.

IDN is innovative in its approach to online collaboration, which enables the team to work closely together from several locations. The company’s headquarters is in Taunton Dean, with another company in Exeter. IDN has grown substantially over the last few years and now has an annual turnover of 3.5m. Improvements to broadband have allowed IDN to expand its business even further, as customers are now able to make use of products and services previously unavailable to them, including smart boards, digital signage and video conferencing.

Cris Cadby, Managing Director, says: “Superfast broadband is having a phenomenal impact on how we run our business. The biggest single benefit is that it means we can now work remotely. This type of flexibility has allowed us to offer a better work life balance to our staff and help to attract and retain great new staff members relocating from urban areas.”

Another benefit is that IDN can now send large file to their clients. In the past, they had to physically post clients a memory stick or DVD creating huge delays. Now, clients can download files from the company server instantly. This means they can provide a better service, which is likely to have a direct impact on their long term success.

“Superfast broadband is transforming the ease with which we can all work closely together. When any of us are travelling or away from the office, we can continue to work just as effectively. In future, it is possible we may introduce more flexible working policies, now that the technology enables us to work just as well from home or on the move. This will generate considerable cost savings over time, as well as save us all time, increasing productivity,” says Cris.

Cris concludes: “Fibre broadband has been a game changer for the company. Now, we never have to say “Sorry, we can’t do that. We can say ‘We can!” With our new superfast broadband infrastructure, we can do just about anything and continue our expansion. It is very exciting.”

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