Can I use Sky TV?

We are aware that Sky has announced plans to phase out delivery of their TV service over satellite dishes in favor of delivery over domestic broadband services (this includes fixed wireless broadband). You should therefore be able to use Sky TV with Airband Wholesale’s network. However, we advise that you check this before ordering. You will also need to order Sky TV through Sky and not Airband Wholesale.

Please also note that Sky TV is a separate service to Sky Broadband, and as of September 2018, Sky Broadband is not leasing Airband Wholesale’s network. For this reason, you cannot get Sky Broadband over Airband Wholesale’s network.



COVID-19 Info

Whilst measures to contain COVID-19 continue to evolve, CDS will attempt to maintain a Business As Usual approach, though there may be some unavoidable impact on our ability to respond to queries.